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Top Photography Podcasts AndroidJust listen to learn.

As photographers and assistants we vision new ways to keep in touch with the international photography world.  There are already a host of ways to stay connected; through on-line photography competitions, professional photographic forums, image hosting sites and Podcasts.

Let us being with Podcasts

What is a Podcast?

For those whom are un-familiar with podcasts they are downloadable internet radio or video shows.  They can be watched and listened to using iTunes on your computer or on a smart phone App. Your favourite shows can be subscribed to so that when the new episode is available you’ll know automatically. Best of all most the majority of Podcasts are user created for free public access. Currently Podcasts have allowed Chase Jarvis through to your mate around the corner in his shed to share their photographic experiences and stories with Podcasts.

How do I use Podcasts? 

Personally I listen to a select few photography Podcasts which change depending on what I need inspiration in. It seems that 99% of podcasts are created in America as the market is so much larger there. Hopefully a great podcast coming out of Europe that combines photography and art will find its way to our iTunes soon.

Photography Podcasts normally included one of the following topics:

  • Hardware and software how to’s and reviews.
  • Interviews of photographers “How I became a photographer” story.
  • A lecture on a specific topic in photography.

Top Photography Podcasts Android

What are the ways to listen to Podcasts?
Many people use Apps on their mobile phones, Mac computers and PCs to stream and download Podcasts.

For PC and Mac: I have always used iTunes though there are many more others to choose from out there.

For Android: I use Beyond Pod Pro. That has a beautiful layout and great ability to search for more podcasts, all within the application itself. There is a free and paid version. A free alternative is Volksempfanger for Android. Its visual is more minimal and displays options in a grid like way. Though it isn’t as stable comparatively to Beyond Pod.

For IOS devices: All iOS devices come with a apple supplied and create podcast player app. I’ll refer to the more learned  thoughts for other iOS Podcast listening alternatives.

iOS podcast
iOS podcasts

What Podcasts do I recommend other photographers to listening to?
My top picks for Photography Podcasts:

  • This Week in Photo  also known as TWIP
    • I quote: “Hosted by  Chicago photographer Frederick Van Johnson each week they discuss camera technique, technology and news. With in-depth guest interviews, and discussion around everything from taking family photos, to understanding how state-of-the-art cameras work – you’ll hear it all on This Week in Photo.”
    • My say: TWIP is  one of the highest rated and most updated photography Podcasts on iTunes. This dedication and quality comes through Van Johnson’s show in a humorous way. This week they covered a German Celebrity earless bunny that was crushed the photographer employed to shoot it. TWIP feels like the GAP of Photography Podcasts, it is happy to try new things in a safe and politically correct environment. Most of their show is best suited to wedding and portrait photographers.
  •  Pro Photo Show  also known as PPS
    • Quoted: “A photographers resource for news, information and learning. PPS is a free website dedicated to photographic sharing and learning and helping those in the pro photo world. The site is lead by Gavin Seim and the great contributors we have on board.”
    • My say: PPS is all about the on-line community, nurturing your personal photographic vision by taking influence from all art forms and masters. This is a true for the artists show that talks about zone systems and finding your vision. It would of be the perfect podcast for the times of film.

These two I listen to often. Let me know what exciting Podcasts your listening to in the comments below.


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