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Hello all,

Fuji has been a true competitor on the professional front with their X-T2, X-PRO2  and the GFX50s cameras. Though they have lagged behind with lighting options in comparison to Sony, Canon and Nikon. Now the playing field is much more even with the release of the Godox X1T-F trigger.

I work a lot with out door flash and the lack of HSS has been a killer for me. Still I’ve stuck with Fuji. Going through the X-E1, X-T1 and now X-T2.What has landed the final blow that extends my creative freedom and possibilities is the Godox X1T-F trigger. This means all of Godoxs new range of HSS lights are compatible with the Fujis! Including the GFX. What a god send. Freedom in the clouds of 1/8000 shutter speed!!!

I cannot share how much of a joy this is. I’ve shot the X100 on leaf shutter with Broncolor packs and omg I love it. Though the question is “Does leaf shutter on a MF worth $20-40k for me?”. Short answer, no thanks. Yes thanks if gifted. Though the Fuji GFX 50s with HSS meets 80% of the needs. And Godox has 1200watt HSS capable heads.  For all those other shoots there are Broncolor Scoro 3200watt packs are available for hire.

Today the AD600 and AD200 Godox arrived along with the compatible trigger. They are all professional built and relatively simple system to use. I do wish the trigger was a diagonal positioned system. It is just awkward! Best of all they rock HSS like its the future.

Here are some shots I took with the AD600 today at Studio Brunswick. Most shots between 1/4000  – 1/8000 of a second with a mola demi beauty dish and sun back light. And then a detail at 100%. Who says Fuji ain’t awesome?


Blog _Godox_Fuji-023Blog _Godox_Fuji-032Blog _Godox_Fuji-035-2












Blog _Godox_Fuji-030-2
Lighting setup

I’m looking forward to taking them into the field and seeing how much spread can be achieved in a group shot out doors. Ultimately how power is the light in HSS mode?

After cashing in my Broncolor gear for $8k I’m happy to say this new $1.2k setup does 90% as much and includes a couple of new things. HSS being that.

Strongly recommend!

Stay tuned for a more in depth review coming soon.


  1. Abdul Rahim AL MAIMANI Abdul Rahim AL MAIMANI

    Any particular settings to let it work for me on XT2 and GFX. My 600B doesnt respond with xt1f when mounted on the camera. Plz suggest

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